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Increase Your Sales With Video Ads

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Video Services

5 Top Reasons

Why Having a Video Ad is Important for Your Business


Gives you instant credibility by presenting your company in a way that is professional and authoritative. This is important because first impressions count and our ads do that for you!


Explain to potential customers exactly what services and products you have to offer. This eliminates confusion and removes any doubt from the minds of prospects which helps them take immediate action.


Amaze your audience with unique and easier to understand appealing videos which in turn will improve customer engagement with your business.


Increase revenue growth by 48% which is faster than marketing campaigns without a video. 85% of consumers BUY a product after watching a video.


Reinforce your brand awareness. A video ad engages prospects, increases brand awareness and converts them into customers. 80% of consumers remember where they watched a video and most click on links associated with the video to purchase or learn more.

Video Marketing

When it comes to video marketing we know how to get your business NOTICED! We can add stunning personalized elements to your videos and make them dynamically interactive, giving them the ‘WOW’ Factor and a super-professional edge. We use groundbreaking technology to personalize videos with a prospect’s Name, Location or Image. Imagine viewing an advert on Facebook and you see your name in the ad? This is known to skyrocket conversions. Click to watch a demonstration of this cutting edge technology in action.

Social Media Marketing

You want awesome ads that will get you the results you desire, but there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done correctly, right? Well, let us take care of your social media marketing and bring you the results you crave. All whilst you enjoy the free time to spend it on what matters.

Spokesperson Video Ads

We have a variety of Avatars and Professional Spokespersons with an array of accents that will be happy to communicate your message concisely. We can also add them to your website as a friendly welcoming interactive Website Chat Agent, your very own 24/7 sales host which is known to skyrocket website conversions and sales! Your host can offer time sensitive discounts, explain a product or service, complete cart, anything really!


Explainer Videos

We create Explainer Video Animations that break into your prospect’s head, forcing them to fully understand your company’s message and take instant action!



Ready Made Ads

Our affordable Video Ad templates have been carefully crafted to convert prospects into BUYERS! These ready-to-order commercial ads are short, punchy, unique and captivating. We will brand the videos with your company information.

Video Creating Software

If you don't want us to create your videos and you want to create them for yourself, then check out our products and tools that let you create some amazing videos. All cloud based so there's nothing to download.


Don't let your visitors get lost wandering around a website, not knowing which way to go or what they should be looking at. Send them through a funnel and direct them exactly to where you want them to be. Your offer!


We can design and host your website on our servers. They will be designed and custom to your wants and needs or you can buy one of our website template designs. More designs will be added in the future.

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Video of The Month

McVities and Mind both teamed up to do a campaign for mental health so my son and I decided to create our own video to help support it.

Metal Health is a serious thing that not many like to talk about. Let's talk is the campaign and what better way to talk than by having a biscuit and a chat.

We hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for watching it.

Why Video?

Social Media
  • 90% of consumers watch video via mobile.
  • 57% of consumers say they trust video more.
  • Using an explainer video can see your brand awareness increase with 74% of people going on to buy your product.
  • By 2020 there will be 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second - Cisco
  • There has been a 100% rise in mobile video consumption every year for the past 4 years - Insivia
  • 1 Billion minimum hours of video viewed each on YouTube Alone! - YouTube
  • We will get you on page one of Google, YouTube and other search engines.
  • Be seen by millions more potential customers/clients/patients etc.
  • Get ahead of your competitors and be the number one choice.
  • Just take a look at the commuters in your city - on the bus or train - no more newspapers - everyone is on their phone.
  • Video animation on the web is the quickest and most cost effective way of getting to your target audience.
Graphic Design
  • 83% of businesses agree that video gives them a better return.
  • Your promotion or ad is 53 times more, likely to show up on google if it has video.
  • As much as an 80% spike in conversions on social media and web pages that have video.
  • By 2022, 85% of ALL content on Facebook will be video.
Video Marketing
  • To build your own promotional video could cost thousands. cameras, lighting, staging, equipment, then editing and production.
  • You want to be seen but just don't have the time. It can take ages with shooting, editing, and advertising.
  • Roberts Media takes care of all the stress and lets you concentrate on the running of your empire.
  • We offer effective online video advertising that will suit your pocket - and give you your own  individual  advertising platform.

Why Roberts Media?

  • Roberts Media will manage your social media video advertising and promotion.
  • Small, medium or Large – We can package video advertising for all social media platforms that will...
  • Increase your online presence and boost consumer interest with more likes, more interest and more trust in your product.
  • And more sales!
  • Talk to us about how we can create quality, high profile video imagery to boost YOUR business, as well as offering so much more than your average social media & video marketing agency.


Some Examples Of The Type Of Videos We Can Create For You...

This company Is fantastic. I highly recommend them.

~ Name L.

This business Is fantastic. I highly recommend them.

~ Name L.

This person Is fantastic. I highly recommend them.

~ Name L.